Pageant Grounds Park Commission

The Pageant Grounds Park Commission is composed of seven (7) members appointed for one (1) year terms with the following duties: 
    *    Determine and recommend to the Council the general policies and procedures to be followed regarding the Pageant Grounds.
    *    Review and recommend to the Council possible improvements to and uses of the Park.
    *    The authority to solicit gifts and contributions to be made to the City to be used for the benefit of the Park.
    *    Receive recommendations and complaints from the public on the operation of the Park which shall then be communicated to the 

Meeting Location

Council Chambers
City Hall
119 2nd Ave. #9
Pipestone, MN 56164

 Phone: (507) 825-3324

Pageant Park Commission

Commission Members
Term Expires
Greg Carrow Member January 2020
Mic Myers Member January 2020
Chuck Ness Member January 2020
Jerry Remund Member January 2020
Cody Heidebrink Member January  2020
Vacant Member January 2020
Myron Koets Council Liasion January 2020

Meets the last Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.