Construction/Demo/Sign Permits

Sign Permits

​The City of Pipestone regulates signage through permits issued by the Building & Zoning Department. Regulations for the type, size, height and setback signage are found in the City's Zoning Code: SEC. 11.75.    SIGNS

Sign permit applications are required to be submitted, reviewed and approved by the Building & Zoning Official prior to sign placement. 

  • Sign Permit Application
Print or complete the appropriate application online or email to Building & Zoning Department at 

The Minnesota Department of Transportation regulations the placement of the signs along the highway right away or MnDOT property. Please review the MnDOT sign laws to ensure compliance. 

Construction/Building Permits

The City of Pipestone follows the 2007 State of Minnesota Building Codes and requirements which by reference adopts the 2006 International Building Code (IBC). 
To obtain a building permit for such projects as repair/replacing of roof, repair/replacing of siding or soffit/fascia, replacements of windows, and additions. Please complete the Building Permit. If unsure whether or not your project will require a building permit contact the Building and Zoning Official at (507) 825-3324 or email at
Building Permit
City Code-Construction and Housing