1. Tote Guideline

    City of Pipestone - Garbage Tote Tips and Guidelines

    The City of Pipestone - Garbage Tote Tips and Guidelines A few tips to follow to ensure the collection of your garbage, recyclables, or yard waste..... Read on...
  2. Vandalism Poster

    City of Pipestone - Report Park Vandalism

    The City of Pipestone is asking all residents to be on the look out for perpetrators that are vandalizing multiple city park bathrooms. If you see someone vandalizing a park please report it to Public Works or Law Enforcement. Read on...
  3. Mosquito Spraying

    Public Notice - Mosquito Spraying

    The City of Pipestone will be spraying for mosquitoes every Thursday evening at approximately 8 PM beginning June 16, 2022. Read on...
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Vandalism Poster

Pipestone Visitors Guide

2022 Visitors Guide
No Chickens in Town
Tote Guideline
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