Eye On Water

Have you notice an increase in your water bill 

over the last couple of months?! 

 Water leaks are costly and avoidable.  The City of Pipestone is working hard to update our water meters.  Your updated water meter can send you a notification when you have a leak or have high usage by signing up for EyeOnWater®. Below are the instructions on how to create an account.  You can also download the app on your android or IOS phone.  Please consider this useful tool to help you manage your water usage.

City of Pipestone staff periodically reviews unusual water patterns and attempts to contact account holders as a courtesy, but it is ultimately the customers' responsibility to monitor their own account.

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  1. Website Instructions
  2. Phone App Instructions


Website Instructions:

1. Visit https://eyeonwater.com/signup on your computer using a supported web browser.

2. Enter your service area zip code

3. Enter the full account number ##-####-##

4. Click Next

5. Enter your email address

6. Create and confirm a password (no special requirements)

You will receive a confirmation email from BEACON. You must verify your email address by clicking on this link. Once you do, you can sign in using your email and password at the following website.

Visit https://eyeonwater.com/

Printable Instructions

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